Here we go again. 

So as it turns out, recovering the old site data hasn’t been at the top of my agenda. Hell, it hasn’t even made the agenda. It’s barely even kicking around in that empty gymnasium I call a brain. I’ve decided then for now to just not give a toss. 

The lesson to be learned is that while the past is important and shapes who we are, sometimes it’s easier to just shake it off and move on. 

And we’re back!?

After a serious hiatus, the site is back up.  I just stopped caring about it ages ago and the wee Atom processor box that ran the site just got unplugged one day.

Today I was bored so decided to see how easy it would be to resurrect the site using AWS.  Turns out it was pretty easy.

We’ll see if it’s easy to import past content as well…stay tuned.